Management Analysis and Planning


MAP is a unique blend of real-world practitioners with literally decades of experience in the field, working in combination with the nation's top-ranked academics in public finance, policy development, curriculum and instruction, application of technology to instruction, computer modeling, economic analyses, and statistical methods.


James W. Guthrie, Chairman

Mr. Guthrie founded MAP as a sole proprietorship in 1985, and now serves as its chairman of the board. Previously a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, he currently is the Patricia and Rodes Hart Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy at Peabody College of Vanderbilt University, where he teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses and conducts research on education policy and finance. He also is director of the Peabody Center for Education Policy, of which he is the founding director. Professor Guthrie holds a BA, an MA, and a PhD from Stanford University, undertook postdoctoral study in public finance at Harvard, was a postdoctoral fellow at Oxford Brookes College, Oxford, England, and Irving R. Melbo Visiting Professor at the University of Southern California. He has been a public school teacher, state education department official, federal government cabinet special assistant, education specialist for the United States Senate, and an elected local school board member. The author or co-author of 14 books, Professor Guthrie is the author of hundreds of professional and scholarly articles, and has garnered numerous academic distinctions. He specializes in school finance, education administration and leadership, policy analysis, and education and government. He is past-president of the American Education Finance Association, frequently serves on National Academy of Sciences panels, served as editor-in-chief of the Encyclopedia of American Education, published in 2002, and is series editor of the Peabody Education Leadership Series. He is principal investigator for the National Center on Performance Incentives (NCPI) at Vanderbilt University, a federally funded research center concentrating on educator performance incentives, and the policy director for the Center for Educator Compensation Reform (CECR), a federally funded effort to assist schools in altering their personnel practices and remuneration patterns. He has personally served as a consultant to the governments of Armenia, Australia, Chile, Guyana, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Romania, and South Africa, as well as international organizations such as AID, The World Bank, OECD, UNESCO, and OAS. His e-mail address is

James R. Smith, President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Smith holds an MEA, MBA and Ph.D. He has been a public school teacher and high-level executive in both public and private sectors. He has served as deputy superintendent of the California Department of Education and senior vice president of the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards. Dr. Smith specializes in school finance, governance, organizational dynamics, teacher and student assessment, and curriculum and instructional policy. He has directed MAP projects for state agencies and school districts more than 15 states, and has served as an expert witness and provided litigation support in school finance cases in Arkansas, Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, South Carolina, Texas, and Wyoming. He has served as a consultant for The World Bank and, for his efforts in education reform, he was accorded the highest civilian award given by the government of Spain. His email address is

Gerald C. Hayward, Treasurer

Mr. Hayward has served as the chief education and finance consultant to the California State Senate, statewide Chancellor of the California Community College system, deputy director of the National Center for Research in Vocational Education, and director of policy analysis for California Education. He has served prominently on numerous national and state commissions dealing with education governance and policy matters. Mr. Hayward specializes in education finance, both K-12 and higher education, school-to-career activities, child care issues, school district organization, and education governance. Mr. Hayward is also an expert on computer applications for financial analysis and simulation. He has directed numerous dozen MAP projects. His e-mail address is


MAP is fortunate to have established relations with a number of the nation's most able and widely known academic experts, professional analysts, and practicing educators. MAP consultants include:

  • Jacob E. Adams, Claremont Graduate University
  • Ronald Bennett, School Services of California
  • Ellis Bowman, Education Policy Consultant
  • Naomi Calvo, Harvard University
  • John Ehlers, Education Policy Consultant
  • William S. Furry, Education Policy Consultant
  • Ellen B. Goldring, Vanderbilt University
  • Paul T. Hill, University of Washington
  • Eric A. Houck, University of Georgia
  • Steven G. Klein, MPR Associates, Inc.
  • Jessica L. Lewis, Vanderbilt University
  • Lawrence C. Pierce, University of Washington
  • Lawrence O. Picus, University of Southern California
  • Margaret L. Plecki, University of Washington
  • Michael J. Podgursky, University of Missouri
  • Amy L. Reschly, University of Georgia
  • Daniel J. Reschly, Vanderbilt University
  • Richard A. Rossmiller, University of Wisconsin
  • Richard Rothstein, Economic Policy Institute
  • Richard C. Seder, University of Southern California
  • Claire E. Smrekar, Vanderbilt University
  • Patrick J. Schuermann, Vanderbilt University
  • Elizabeth A. Smith, Vanderbilt University
  • Jeffrey A. Springer, Vanderbilt University
  • Matthew G. Springer, Vanderbilt University
  • Margaret Torrey, Professional Research and Instructional Services
  • Peter J. Witham, University of Wisconsin
  • Michael Wolkoff, University of Rochester