Management Analysis and Planning

About Us

Elected officials and high-level state administrators may often feel like they are stepping off a dangerous curb when it comes to making decisions on education finance. At Management Analysis and Planning, Inc. (MAP), we help state leaders negotiate the risks and uncertainties of high-stakes decision-making. MAP provides government officials, administrators, and leaders of public sector agencies with a rare blend of expertise in high-tech analysis, government know-how, and political savvy.

MAP consultants know and can apply the latest means for financial analysis, computer modeling, and objective decision-making to help state leaders plan and manage the future.

We can help you by offering solid advice grounded in the latest research and seasoned by extensive personal experience. Our experts in state policy, human resource development, and education understand the day-to-day workplace pressures of high-level government officials and know how to make decisions tailored to their particular challenges. Moreover, MAP produces. Our reports and analyses are on time, on budget, and on target.